Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stylist Barret Wertz: Movin' on up

A freelance stylist at Antenna Magazine and stylist associate for the gorgeous Alicia Keys, Barret Wertz is based in New York and took the time out of his busy schedule, which includes styling upcoming Atlantic Records artist Ryan Star, to give us the lowdown on all things chic.

How did you become a stylist?

I dreamed of working on both the celebrity and editorial sides of the fashion industry. I moved to NYC five years ago and have worked hard and been blessed by getting to work with amazing people at many levels that share a similar brain wave. Now I'm happy to say I love working on both sides of the industry.

What do you love the most about being a stylist?

There is always something new, fresh and creative to be imbued with. Inspiration can be found absolutely anywhere. People in fashion are so lucky to be able and encouraged to express that so vividly and with such candor. I think that is a true gift and I feel honored.

What are your greatest challenges?

Keeping up! There is always something around the corner that's more creative and outrageous or more hidden and just-below-the-radar cool. So many amazing and awesome things going on in fashion all the time... To not be able to do it all is a major challenge all by itself. And also I'm freelance, so not sleeping in on a rainy Monday is pretty hard too.

What brands do you love to work with?

Well who wouldn't love working with the FW10 Men's Gucci and Prada collections... Those both certainly hit the nail on the head. Obsessed. I'm already looking forward to that shopping trip. But on the regular, I would say I love to work with brands that are smart and creative yet have a strong classic element to them. Everything from Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel to Levi's and John Varvatos. And they should have great PR people too of course.

What’s your fashion mantra to the masses?

Do whatever you want... As long as it gives you confidence and makes you feel good.

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