Monday, May 24, 2010

MANIC TROUT: Swimming upstream

Fiona McCoss cuts to the chase with jewelry designer Sierra Bailey

Vintage has never been more modern. Twenty-first century fashion has been revamping the old and the dusty, bringing back the early, classic decades and the more vibrant retro era into the next season. This a temporal amalgamation of mixing the past in with the present has seen Sierra Bailey step up her game, from collecting memorabilia on childhood trips to staking her name in the jewelery world with her dramatic and inventive pieces.

Based in New York, Manic Trout, as her brand is named, took off after Bailey’s entrepreneurial skills in college set her up for marketing her own handmade creations. From selling to dorm mates to customising for clients, Manic Trout embodies what it is to be vintage and one-of-a-kind. Bailey works with unique finds, buttons, crystals, beads and chains – anything with quirkiness and individuality; she loves creating pieces with bold colours, which make her designs not for the standard, plain Jane.

Sierra Bailey’s passion does not end at jewerly design, however. She also is a dab hand with a paintbrush. Having gone through art school and having computer graphics as a platform upon which to launch her creativity, the founder of Manic Trout also sells her large abstract paintings on wood and canvas. For lovers of fashion and unique one-of-a-kind jewelry Manic Trout is making sure everything old is new again.

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