Monday, May 3, 2010

Seventy-Two Changes

Fiona McCoss uncovers the next big thing

Gracing the cover of Vogue Taiwan this month, is Mondopop star-turned-designer Jolin Tsai. Leaping onto the scene in 2009, Tsai’s range, Seventy Two Changes, showed for the first time at last season's NY Fashion Week and has since, been snowballing in popularity and demand.

After receiving such deserved attention, the 29 year-old designer and her debut range have been steadily growing by way of collections, lines, fans and followers; supplying pieces internationally to the style savy.

Having just opened a flagship store in Shanghai’s Times Square this past February, Seventy Two Changes – who teams up with chief executive officer and co-founder of L.A.M.B., Ken Erman – is planning to conquer more of the Eastern Orient with stores in Beijing and Guangzhou planned to open by the end of next year.

The ever changing lines are inspired by Jolin’s eccentric nature. Her quirky, urban take on fashion pushes the limits of seasonal styles and at the same time avoids the ever-too-radical-statements that fashion can sometimes menace. Rather, she offers a happy medium of stylish chic, accessible and affordable – a breath of fresh air as most pop stars go.

Her singing career is also continuing steadily; her musical creativity sits, as always, alongside her practical creativity, after all the inspiration for the brand’s name came from one of her most popular hit songs "See My Seventy Two Changes."

Following last year’s album Butterfly, the pint-sized pop star has been working to release a greatly anticipated follow up this summer to go alongside her expanding image as one of the new faces in the fashion industry.

Seventy Two Changes is available in the U.S. through and other select outlets.

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