Thursday, May 27, 2010

Smythson Passport Cover: Sail through airports

The Devil Wears Prada may have brought “Cerulean” blue in to the popular consciousness, but there was no specific push by the fashion industry to put it into your wardrobes. Now, Smythson of Bond Street, the fabled London-based stationer and purveyor of luxury travel accessories has introduced a Cerulean leather collection. Inspired by the azure seas of the Aegean and the bright blue houses on Greece’s finest beach resort, Smythson has crafted the items in vivid blue, baby crocodile print leather.

The passport holder is the ultimate must-have for this Summer 2010 travel season. If you have already gone through the unique, if somewhat lengthy, experience of having your monogram designed by Smythson’s for your custom stationery, then you can easily have that monogram applied.

This chic accessory will give you the extra fashion edge to sail through Immigration at any airport and dismiss any scrutiny of your Custom’s Declaration with an icy “That’s all!” worthy of Miranda Priestly herself!

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