Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poland Fashion Week: Eymeric Francois

French designer Eymeric Francois closed day two of Poland Fashion Week as one of several international guests invited to show this season. His "Fashion Until Death" collection embraced gothic chic (particulalry fitting in our vampire obsessed world).

Black lipstck with severe up dos accompanied figure hugging evening wear in deep purple, black and white, an ode to 50s style showing throughout.

As with previous collections, the corset was a keystone in Francois' creations. Broken up into four sections, Francois used lace, velvet and fetish leather to create conversation-starting numbers.

Love them or hate them you can't deny Francois' craftsmenship, fashioning an entire dress out of white zippers, another out of belts.

Interesting, evocative and destined for the pages of fashion editorials around the world, Francois delivers fantasy meets extravagance.

Text: Angela Gilltrap


  1. I would love to shoot these!!

  2. I would love to shoot these!!

  3. Right? They would make such great editorials!

  4. it is a great collection of work, i love to no end... its a work masterpieceful constructed to get attention and as you said conversation...He got me out of the house and to an internet cafe... i am compelled to google him...absolute brilliiance.

    Fashion applause...from fashion obsessed!