Monday, May 24, 2010

MILITARY HELMET BAG: Joseph Ungoco enlists

On my recent travels through the South’s major airport hubs, I have been delighted to make the acquaintance of numerous men and women serving in the US armed forces. While the dress uniforms of the various branches are instantly recognizable by most of us, the “new” camo is slight more confusing. Each branch of service – Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines – has its own versions and each version comes in both regular and “digital” versions, meant to disappear on digital media.

My personal obsession is the Army digital camo in the “three color desert” palette and, of late, my constant companion is my Army surplus helmet bag.

This oversize tote features short handles, an adjustable shoulder strap and backpack straps that can be tucked in and hidden for a sleek appearance. You can also customize yours with name tapes that you can order online. Mine features the regulation last name tape and one with my Secret Service Code Name!

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