Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Welcome to United Editors-at-Large

Dear Readers,

As Editors-at-Large, we spend our days contributing to various media outlets worldwide. That said, sometimes we find a story that needs to be told, a designer that deserves to be featured, an exquisite piece that needs to be seen. Sometimes these fall between the cracks of the seemingly overlapping editorial calendars. So, we decided to create United-Editors-at-Large as our outlet for these stories — and breaking news —from the world of fashion.

From time to time, we will share pictures and short items that will give you a little insight into the daily life of an Editor-at-Large. We will also occasionally share editorial photo shoots that we have art directed, styled or produced that have been cut down or cut out altogether. We've all had pages or even entire stories killed and know how disappointing it can be to not have a home for these works. As Grace Coddington said in The September Issue, "You've got to have something to put your work in; otherwise, it's not valid." While we feel strongly that creative endeavors — like feelings — are inherently valid, we do think it a bit selfish to not "share" the fruits of our labors with others — to delight, to offend, to inspire...

If you're interested in writing for us or have story ideas to pitch, feel free to contact us. We're always looking for new talent and new ideas. We look forward to bringing you the best the fashion world has to offer.

Stay tuned!

Angela Gilltrap & Joseph Ungoco
United Editors-at-Large

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