Saturday, March 6, 2010

5 Minutes with Accessories Photographer...William Brinson

How did you get started in Fashion Accessories photography?
After coming to NY from Savannah College of Art and Design, I assisted a few great photographers that helped me find my way into the fashion world. With my obsessive attention to detail and a love of graphics, fashion accessories were a clear choice of subject for me. The art of arranging these objects and detailing their natural luxury is what I seek to achieve.

Models or a pair of shoes? Which is easier to shoot?
It really depends. There are just as many settings and situations that they can both be put in. I really don't want to limit myself or my clients about what it takes to have the perfect image.

Favorite clients?
My favorite client is Rocawear. This group of creative people really strive to go beyond, and our collaborations are always amazing.

What are the biggest obstacles in fashion accessory photography?
Fashion is always changing and you need to adapt. As a photographer, or creative person, you need to evolve with the trends, but also remain consistent in your style and vision. This is what sets you apart and keeps people coming back for more.

Trade Secrets?
Be polite and collaborate.

What's next for William Brinson?
I have a new brand identity rolling out soon, I have a new studio that opened, and I have a few personal projects starting up that will be out later this year.

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