Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion After Dark: New York Scene

Joseph Ungoco dishes the dirt on the latest fashion haunts

Some astrological signs tend toward certain career paths and industries. Just as you find a surplus of Scorpios working in the porn industry, you find a plethora of Pisces in creative fields — and fashion is no exception. Thus, each year in March after the European shows, fashion folk find themselves inundated with invitations to birthday celebrations. With all of us constantly going to the latest hot spots and locations — many not yet open to the public — how does one decide where to celebrate one’s birthday? This year, I decided to host a number of small events with close friends, rather than throw one large party and so I decided locations based on geography.

Since I live downtown, I started at home with a few fellow United Editors with tea and homemade chocolate cake. Thank you Martha Stewart for the great recipe in your April issue! I then proceeded to my overflow living room, the newly opened Andaz Wall Street Hotel. Bar Seven Five – like the street address, 75 Wall Street – is the perfect cozy gathering place for a small group of friends. The custom designed cocktail menu includes personal favorites of mine like the Manhattan which features homemade bitters – in case you were worried about the current worldwide shortage of Angostura Bitters – and is presented with a bit of theatricality. The flaming orange zest is the perfect spark to set off scintillating conversation! The décor here is cool and modern and the undulating white glass and travertine staircase will have you inventing reasons to exit and reenter the bar.

After a few rounds of cocktails, I went uptown to west Chelsea’s Gallery District to meet a few friends for dinner at Juliet Supper Club, Todd English’s latest restaurant. The semi-circular banquettes and round tables have the feeling of a Las Vegas lounge in the 1960s, but the color scheme and décor are purely today - if you live on the Mediterranean! The cuisine is light and perfect for late night suppers as most diners arrive after 10 pm, in the Continental fashion. As the night goes on, the fashionable folk pour in and lounge the night away!

If you’re wondering which birthday it was, I’ll leave you with the maxim that “there are only two ages that people in fashion will ‘admit to’: 29 and 41”. Decide for yourself which one best fits the evening’s itinerary!

Text: Joseph Ungoco

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