Monday, March 29, 2010

Relastin Ultra Emollient

Youthful looks for those in the know

How often do you envisage the image of a woman tugging and stretching her skin, simulating the effects of a face lift? Whether it is or isn’t you fixating in front of the mirror, the truth of the matter is we’re all looking for the solution to the anti-aging equation। Fortunately, with recent breakthroughs in beauty, Botox and facelifts are no longer vital variables in the formula to a more vernal complexion.

Here to solve the problem is Relastin Ultra Emollient, a new multitasking product that promises to hydrate, smooth and firm the skin all while bringing back that youthful bounce. Using their signature Zinc Firming Complex, an ingredient designed to increase your skin’s elastin content, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and cell penetrating Peptides, Ultra Emollient is clinically proven to reduce visible signs of aging. Dryness, sagging and wrinkles are reversed with the Relastin Ultra Emollient three part formula. This all-in-one cream works to increase the skins moisture, collagen production, and elastin revitalization, all to provide a solution to the epidermal aging equation.

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