Saturday, February 27, 2010

NY FALL 2010: Duckie Brown

Duckie Brown: Delightfully Yours
By Joseph Ungoco for

Right when the fashion elite were starting to get into the groove of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the regulars were literally stunned into silence over the news of Alexander McQueen's death. But before sadness could really settle in, the duo behind Duckie Brown sent out a stream of delightfully “mad-for-plaid” outfits that brought back happy memories of McQueen's own Royal Stewart tartan confections.

The maxi-cuffed, knicker-length trousers were just cheeky enough to bring us all back to the business at hand. Solid pops of color like fire engine red and acid yellow were the perfect compliment to the somber tones of black watch plaid. The "bruised" tweed had the textile obsessed drooling. The exotic texture and ultra-masculine color palette of this unique fabric appeared in several, very wearable combinations. Hats, gloves and shoes aren’t just for ladies who lunch anymore. Duckie Brown boys wouldn't be caught dead without them!

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