Saturday, February 27, 2010

NY FALL 2010 Day 1: Toni Maticevski

TONI MATICEVSKI: A new take on beauty
By Joseph Ungoco for

Toni Maticevski amped up the fashion drama with a deconstructed, photo shoot set and elegant orchestral soundtrack for his runway show at the Altman Building. With the fashion press still reeling from the news of Alexander McQueen’s death, the assembled crowd was reminded that as in life, the show goes on.

The show opened with gossamer sunray pleated silk tulle gowns that seemed to float, suspended in a one-of-a-kind fashion moment. To the soaring strains of the theme from Gattaca, we were treated to visual proof of new life in the world of fashion. Just as that movie celebrated the shrugging off of society's limitations, so Toni M. throws convention to the proverbial wind and presents a unique aesthetic. From the softly draped blouses to the deconstructed full skirts in tulle, the entire collection was overflowing with exuberance for a new sensibility regarding beauty.

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