Monday, April 12, 2010

BLACK SHEEP AND PRODIGAL SONS: A mammoth undertaking

Sean Kiely shows us how to bring out the beast in all of us

A blast from the past is now the sharpest tool in your grooming kit. Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons has released the limited edition Mammoth Razor. Carved from woolly mammoth ivory, this razor is truly one of a kind. With only 50 in production, this razor not only retains its historical value in his handle, but also in its blade. Vintage steel is used to produce the one-of-a kind creation, with each blade retaining the utmost quality and perfected by a master craftsman.

Another antique factor of this razor is its Stanhope lens. A recreation of the design of the 1700s, this biconvex lens magnifies a secret, microscopic image within the handle of the razor. The Mammoth Razor comes packaged in a solid wood casing and a black linen sleeve, with Renaissance Wax to be applied when the ivory needs a wax and shine. Providing an alternative to poached ivory, the Mammoth Razor is a considerate product, which protects the framework of our wildlife and is made of a luxurious, cruelty-free material.

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